What is a Product Key (License Key)?

This is a group of serial number or common known as product codes, usually created of 25- digits of unique combination letters and numbers, which is used to activate the product or applications.

What is a digital download or electronic delivery?

A digital download is an electronic form of acquiring a document, file or software package usually delivered to you through the internet, most commonly through email, giving you access to download the product you have purchased immediately.

Does your system generate the Product Key?

No, we do not create  or generate any Product Keys, we simply store the keys provided to us and then automatically allocate them to a customer when an order has been processed.

Is this software a legitimate version?

Yes. Plazasoftware encourage  all of our customers to activate with their specific  Software  Product Key during the process online activation. This ensures verification and tracking of their authentic software. By doing this you can be confident the software product you have purchased is 100% legitimate. We only provide the Product Key, you will always the download the software directly from Official Vendor site.

How do I receive my Product Key?

Plazasoftware uses electronic delivery only (keys or packaging will not be physically delivered). We make your unique product key visible on screen with an official link to download your software after payment has been completed. We also send this information within your order confirmation email to the email provided on the order.

How quickly do I receive my Product Key?

Plazasoftware use efficient e-delivery system allows for automatic allocation of your product key and close to instant delivery (Maximum 30 minutes). Once payment has been processed we make your unique product key visible on screen with an official software link to download your software. We also send this confirmation to the email provided on the order. This ensures we can provide our quick service to all of our customers at any time of the day.

Why didn’t I receive my Product Key instantly?

In most cases, your product key will be shown on the order confirmation page, however, in some cases we will hold order to protect against fraud. If this happens you will receive a message from us. Your order would then be manually checked by one of our advisors and is usually cleared within a approximately few hours. If we required any further information to allow us to do this, we would contact you on the email provided with the order.

How are you able to sell this software at such a low price?

As we work closely with our legitimate vendors and purchase in large volumes we are able to obtain the lowest prices possible. As an online store using an electronic delivery system, we are also able sustain minimal overheads.

Can one license be used on multiple computers

Unfortunately No. Retail product software licenses are designed to install and activate on one computer only. However, Plazasoftware can offer bulk product key deals if you require licenses for multiple computers.

Can I transfer my license to another machine

Unfortunately, 1 license only can be use for 1 computer/PC. Once you activate on 1 computer/ machine, The license will be recognize and register your machine. However, you can reinstall on the same machine more than once. 

Do I need to uninstall other versions of Office or Other previous Software?

Yes, we recommend that you uninstall all other version of  Office/ other previous software before attempting to install your new software. This will help you to avoid multiple issues during process installation.

Will I lose my files if I uninstall Office

Uninstalling Office only removes the Office applications from your computer, it doesn't remove any files, documents, or workbooks you created using the apps. However, we encourage to back-up all the files before do new installation.

Do you offer refunds?

Each refund request is looked at individually and we do our best to provide a refund where possible. However, we do have some exceptions where a refund request would be denied and can be read in more details within our terms and conditions.

Can I exchange/return my software?

We do not offer the ability to return or exchange your software. However, in certain conditions if the software package is defective and/or cannot be redeemed/activated through the Official website even after receiving assistance from our technical support team (Via Email/Live Chat), we will issue customers with a replacement. Please note that replacements are only available within 7 days of purchase.

How to request installation help, refund or exchange?

Please contact us by email at support@plazasoftware.com